Match last Sunday, Match this Sunday

Hello Team,

Well done to everyone who came out on Sunday for our first match of the season, against Marys. The final score was 2-2 . We were up 2-0 at half time, with two goals within minutes of each other after a stroke of brilliance from Ally across goal; and Rachel with an assist from Chez. Marys proved good competition and didn’t take it laying down, and came back in the second half with a goal, and then a second just minutes from full time. Well done to Felicity for keeping out many attempts on goal, she did excellent, we got unlucky. A match report will come out soon from Ally and Rachel, which no doubt will underplay their own brilliance! So a shout out their magic making. Player of the match went to Rachel ‘Sicko’ Sycamore, for her bastion of a performance in centre half. Not a bad start to the season, with two goals and a draw.

We have our second match this Sunday, 11am on maiden castle pitch 5 again (behind the astro pitches) against Trevs. PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHETHER OR NOT YOU CAN PLAY.