Team Captain

Fienke Nanne


 Name: Fienke Nanne

Job in the team: to be our great leader.

Job outside the team: Geology PhD student.

Been playing football since: This will be Fienke’s third season with Ustinov.

When not on the pitch: Fienke makes excellent sweets.

Vice Captain

Laura Chuhan Campbell


 Name: Laura Chuhan Campbell

Job in the team: will keep you posted be email, looks after the really important stuff like balls, bibs, first aid kits, branded team merchandise, team contact details etc.

Job outside the team: Teaching Fellow in French

Been playing football since: About a year.

When not on the pitch: Laura also enjoys horse riding, making loud noises on a guitar, keeping pet reptiles, unsolicited karaoke, collecting sports injuries.

Social Secretary

Louise Callard


Name: Louise Callard

Job in the team: looks after the money.

Job outside the team: Post doctoral Geographer

Been playing football since: Lou has been an integral part of the team for the past three seasons.

When not on the pitch: Louise likes to go on boats and do science, she is also a mean snowboarder.



Name: Rose Simnett

Job in the team: looking after the money.

Job outside the team: Chemistry PhD student

Been playing football since: Rose has been part of the team for 2 seasons.

When not on the pitch: Rose is in charge of Ustinov’s Basketball team, performs at Ustinov Live, and is always up for a party.