Training Exercises

We need to keep up our fitness this season.

With Phil’s help, I’ve picked out some training advised by the FA Conditioning Programme for England Women’s team for everyone to take home and work on fitness outside of our weekly training session. While going for a run is good, focusing on fitness specific to football will put us in better stead: Balance, strength, endurance and flexibility. Let me know how it goes! ~E

Balance / strength fitness – standing exercise

To do in progression alternating legs after a warm up. Hold each for 10-30 seconds, 3 on each leg.
– Stand on one leg, using arms for balance.
– Stand on one leg, with arms folded across chest.
– Stand on one leg with arms folded and eyes closed.
– Stand on one leg with arms folded and bend stable knee to 90 degrees.

Endurance fitness – intervals

30 minutes running.

5 minute warm up.

4 minutes@ moderate pace, 1 minute @ 75 – 90% of maximum ( repeat 4 times).

5 minute cool down.

Flexibility fitness – dynamic stretching

Heel flicks, lunges, high knees, side steps, leg kicks (stretching hamstring).

*For static stretches (e.g. forward bend), don’t hold for more than 5 minutes